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Dear Reader.

I don’t want you to believe or disbelieve what I am pointing out herein, all I ask is that you do your own research. Now, you may as why? That would be a fair question!
It is important to understand that nothing that has happened recently is really what it seems.

For example Ireland is in ‘lock-down’, yet the death rate per million population is not vastly different to Sweden, where there has been no ‘lock-down’. At time of writing Ireland has had a higher case total at 3,979 compared to Sweden 1,874. Deaths per million population Ireland=223, Sweden=225. It is clear that the ‘lock-down’ has been a failed policy, that has done great damage to the Irish ecomony; especially where small to medium business is concerned.

However, this does not end there, this is only the start. America is starting to show signs of economic collapse and possible recession, food banks are running out and protests against ‘lock-down’ are becoming more common. Mainstream media will not cover these stories due to fears of ‘contageon’ spreading protests.

I would suggest some places to start with your personal research:- Icke has written 25 books over 30 years, his work is reliable and his prediction of future events extremely accurate. For accurate information on the ‘actual’ state of the world economy I suggest Gerald Celente at:
If you want to hear news and news analysis, there is no where better than: Richie is now based in Salford Manchester, but used to work for WLR FM broadcasting in Waterford. Richie is a genuine investigative journalist.

The last thing I want to do is cause alarm, rather, I wish to appraise you of what may be coming down the line soon. The most important thing we can do is make provision for our well-being in a failing economy. So please, don’t be alarmed, be forewarned and act on information available to date.

The economic damage to Ireland may, indeed probably, will turn into a protracted depression, with food shortages and likely protracted power outages. Understanding the direction we are going in, is essential if we are to make preparations now, while food is relatively plentiful.

Buy a little extra each time you shop; keep to items that are tinned, pressure canned in jars or dried. Make space in a spare room and build a stock of spare foodstuff, don’t forget provision for pets and very important; store potable water.
Again, don’t be alarmed, be prepared.

Good luck.

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