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Dear Reader.

I don’t want you to believe or disbelieve what I am pointing out herein, all I ask is that you do your own research. Now, you may as why? That would be a fair question!

It is important to understand that nothing that has happened recently is really what it seems.

As our research has contunued, some disturbing facts have emerged, that cast absolute doubt on the ‘COVID 19 narrative’.

As in our first communication, we will reference all sources so that you can confirm the veracity of the information provided herein.


As stated in our first communication, it was noticed (in April of this year) that the facts did not follow the ‘official narrative’ and that there was no ‘scientific reasoning’ behind the ‘lock down’ as a public health measure. Indeed, it now looks more like a ‘stress test’ for the public, with armed Gardai operating in certain areas of public transport and road check points. As a gun can’t kill a virus, one has to ask why? As the public rarely see armed gardai, we can only conclude that this was done to enhance the feeling of vulnerability that the main stream media (RTE in particular and print media) had engendered in the public psyche.

This spurred us on to look closely at the facts and the science involved and we found that the ‘official narrative’ was weak, short on actual science and in essence, little more than a fairy tale of falsehoods.


A journalist by the name of Harry Vox discovered a document by the Rockefeller foundation that plotted out a ‘pandemic’ similar in nature to COVID, the original interview is available here:-

It seems this alleged ‘pandemic’ has been planned, that is to say it didn’t happen naturally. Many commentators believe, given the evidence, that while there are many corona viruses in the natural environment COVID 19 as an idividual identifyable strain, does not exist.

There are many doctors who have spoken out about this ‘virus narrative’, putting their names in your search engine should give you plenty of well informed fact based opinion. Dr. Vernon Coleman, Dr. Marcus DeBrun, Dr. Rashid Buttar and Prof. Dolores Cahill.

The HSE have not told the truth about COVID and RTE have used fear based programming (brain washing by repitition) to frighten the population into compliance with mask wearing, test, track and trace(which means that you will end up on a database and lose all Rights to privacy). This is why we at White Rabbit research and Communications advise against getting involved with these things. It is up to every person to find out the truth for themselves and NOT rely on RTE. RTE has been complicit in using a campaign of fear against the people of Ireland. The people who have used due diligence to examine the FACTS are the people who seem to be coping with all this in a more healthy way. Whilst people who just listen to RTE, have mostly fallen prey to irrational fear, thus endangering their mental health and well-being.

C White Rabbit Research and Communications. August 2020

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