Why Prep?

Why do we need to prep? (This term means being prepared for unexpected events)

In truth, we live in a very unstable world. People think everything is fine, because the media tell you so. It all seems fine, but under the surface, things are very fragile. As an example, the power network is very vulnerable to weather events and solar output events. As we have seen in recent years, in storm events, people in rural areas have been cut off for a week or more, and, importantly, we have seen outbreaks of violence in urban areas.

Indeed, things can and will go wrong.

The storage of food and water is the most basic level of prepping. Holding metals of intrinsic value, is another step (if you can afford to do so). Holding a firearm for hunting small game is another step, as is getting off grid and tending a small garden.

Now is the time to prepare, while the resources are available, reasonably affordable and relatively safe. In the future, those metrics might not be there, so now is the time.

Don’t be fearful, just be prepared!

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